Gotta' Have Maps...


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Jun 19, 2018
Just for fun and to give my mind something to do away from writing while staying connected to the project, in my recent work I've been making maps. Now, these are all roughs as I hash out ideas for final versions. The first image is from a new distant future project I'm hashing out, and the last set is the extent I've detailed out the mapping to my series Liberty Stumbled, the first two novels moving into a beta stage.

From "***Not Telling***"; rough version before converting to monochrome:
(BTW, those sub-lines and dots around the compass rose ring mark precisely (used an overlaid protractor) the angle of the sun at each solstice and equinox for the location in the center of the map, and projected declination deviations travelling from one 'shield' to the other.)

To show the precision of what I generated for Liberty Stumbled, this shows scale USGS under-laid in AutoCAD that I then alter in Photoshop which helps me get the non-gps grid system set up:


That then allows me to generate other story supporting maps like the planned and ultimate Case City area:

Then I add in projected 'sea rise' using precise topographical maps (this an old rough for South Philadelphia):

And ultimately I work down to specific areas the story takes place (another old version). That way, as the characters move around I can describe accurately how the post-apocalyptic city would actually look (IOW, you could read the story, follow the route and connect the dots using satellite imagery):

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