IMDB's new free streaming service.


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Jan 1, 2018
South Florida
I was looking to rewatch Fringe and I couldn't find it on any of the 5 streaming services I currently use. After some googling I found it on IMDB Freedive. As far as I can tell it may have just started. It's full of free TV and movies some of them are even worth watching. Like Fringe. There are ads but I've been getting less than 3 minutes per full length show. It's hard to beat legal and free.
There are usually ways around borders; although they verge on hacking and may be somewhat risky as you may have to go through an intermediate site (haven done it in the last decade or so)...
Just tried the IMDB Freedrive but apparently Micro$-Silverlight is not supported on W7 IE11 (surprised me; kinda wondered why it wouldn't install when running maintenance updates).

No biggie; the good movies listed are mostly in the movie library.../not worth switching browsers/OS's for(I'll have to look a copy of W10 might actually be on this machine as an alternate/dual boot OS.).... a bit more investigation seems to show that Microsoft thinks Silverlight should works... need to further investigate tha active x control settings.

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I use W7 and IE11 but I also have chrome. It guess it was just luck that I was using chrome when I tried it. I'll also do some checking. If I find out anything useful I let you know.
After a bit of investigation the problem seems to be that my multiple layers of surfing protection filter out all ActiveX controls (these controls are a good way for hackers/viruses to infect a machine)... Think I will keep the protection rather than see a few old movies...