Artemis Fowl (2019)

I read one or two of the first books and enjoyed them. The author certainly had a creative mind and a charm and jovial edge to some of the characters yet managed to convey a good sense of serious action to them.

I think it will be a hard character to act as Mr. Fowel; since he's not your typically "know nothing" child. In fact I'd say its quite a role to act for and not come across as "too" disliking and smug (even though that is part of the character, esp at the onset).

I'm surprised there isn't more noise about this, it could certainly be the next Harry Potter, eps in terms of having enough books to put out a film every few years or so. I hope it does well
I wonder why it took so long to adapt this series? Imo they should have released these films a long time ago. I was the perfect age to enjoy the books when they first came out. Now, I kinda feel like I've outgrown this franchise. Unless of course the film is an absolute masterpiece and gets raving reviews from everyone.
I hadn't even heard about artemis fowel for years, until this trailer popped up. I doubt nostalgia will be enough to make this film work. Happy to be proved wrong though!!!
I was the perfect age when I first discovered them, too. Let’s see, that would have been ... about 40? :)
Yeah, similar here. I read at least four of the books when I was younger and I was definitely a fan back then (sounds like there’s been even more than that written since?) but that was what, fifteen years ago? I think I’m past the point of getting all excited about this.

Also, as people pointed out in the Reddit thread about it, the unflappable Butler looks pretty flapped at points in the trailer. Maybe when there are more glimpses of Holly and Foaly and Mulch maybe I’ll be a bit more intrigued but I’m certain I won’t be going to see it.

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