If the Daleks were the heroes, etc: variations on that theme...

Cybermen are the obvious choice - yes I am boring and going to the actual post intent lol

According to canon except when the show runner decides he wants a companion to be converted but retain their personality and emotions but dont want them going crazy with pain of course, the side effect of Conversion is a being in horrific unending mental and spiritual agony, completely crazy (their mouths are open cos they are screaming for ever and( ever - Bill Potts(

Hence, part of Conversion, either via the mental processing or by technological means within the mechanics attached, is the removal of all emotion.
I was so disappointed at one thing in Capaldi's finale.
The Mondasians in Tenth Planet were, to a certain degree of understanding still, even abeit very technically people!
They were not your modern style Cyberman Drones, like many modern colleges and large companies IT Systems - wifi networked terminal boxes without HDD's getting their OS etc off a central Server rather than having a copy of the OS installed on every workstation box, and all files saved centrally rather than locally.
A Cyber Leader appears on a screen and introduces itself as something like "I am Cyber Leader Krang"

The Cybe who asks Polly what are feelings.
to get the gist - before he was wheeled into the Conversion Theatre, shaking hands with the Doctor and thanking him in advance for the new procedure that will save his life - like the rest of his people on Mondas, "Reg" is dying, but his condition is more advanced hence, he has been moved up to priority conversion - Reg is happy, the pain is getting too much and he doesnt want to die, he doesnt want his people to vanish. his sister Marge is fine now, after her conversion day - sure, the emotional inhibitor makes her a bit boring, and shes always working, but she always was workaholic, and at least the nagging stopped!! She is bound to be a bit more normal soon anyway - Reg isnt a philosopher, what ARE feelings and Emotions anyway?
Reg is sure it will be fine, and the pain will finally stop! Hell, he wil even stop thinking and feeling sad about Irene, cant be a bad thing!

And now Reg is part of an invasion force, baffled by a womans mention of feelings, Reg is still Reg, he has the same memories, he knows he is different, that maybe something was lost, but, end of the day he just...... doesnt care.

They were the scariest Cybermen!

But if you could have a sub species of Cybes who's conversion doesnt require emotional supression, or who have a work around that does not remove emotions, then you have your hero cybes intergalactic space Doctors travelling around helping the sick.

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