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Dec 7, 2011
Hottest of 'ultra-hot' planets is so hot its air contains vaporised metal

I think the quote in the piece:

"The main lesson that exoplanets are teaching us is that we can’t just look in the solar system,” Heng added. “There are really weird things out there.”

Sums it up perfectly!

It did spur a few thoughts - firstly this factoid that the sun is 6000 deg C. Well yes, the light coming from it's surface can be closely modelled as having a blackbody temperature of ~6000 deg C, but that's really just a measurement of the energetics of the photons being emitted. Look inside and it quickly escalates - probably up to 15 million deg C in the core. More in-fitting for a star pumping out all those photons for billions of years!

I also tried to find the current coolest 'stars'. There may be one - with the catchy title: CFBDSIR 1458+10 B - which may, if it is old, be in terms of mass, just in the acceptable range of being a 'brown dwarf' and have a temperature of 380 +/- 50 deg Kelvin, or possibly as warm as hot bath water (if you take the lower estimate!)

It gives me the image of lying on its surface and warming myself in it's feeble glow....but the gravity would still be far too intense to survive :)

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