When did Mark Vorkosigan first appear in the series?

Danny McG

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Sep 9, 2016
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I haven't read all the Miles Vorkosigan books by Lois McMaster Bujold but I've read a goodly number of them.
I was having a quick skim through 'Mirror Dance' this morning while tidying some bookshelves (a nag job!) and noted that his clone brother the assassin Mark had, somehow or other, crossed tracks with Miles a couple of years earlier.

Which book did that occur in?

Clearly it's one I ain't read, any Vorkosigan fanboys/girls who can enlighten so I can get it?

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What? Two 'likes'? It must be because I just gave thw name, no descriptive. We can't have people liking me, though, can we?

Brothers in Arms is the one Vorcosiverse volume which takes part alwost entirely on Earth, indeed, in Great Britain mainly round the Thames tide barrier. As well as introducing Mark and the Komarran revenge organisation it introduces us to Mile's more physical relationship with Elli Quin.

I'm in town this morning so can visit the book shop
Well, did you get it? If ever, it's in the 'Miles Errant' omnibus, but as 'Mirror Dance' is too, and you've already read that, the information is not all that useful.

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