Anyone seen this chess game variation?

Robert Zwilling

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Jun 12, 2018
I envisioned a scenario where some characters played a chess game in which the standard chess game rules have been changed slightly. I was wondering if any one knew of a variation that existed like this.

The pieces are set up in normal fashion on a regular chess board.

Pieces are moved normally and can be left in a position to be captured but can't be captured if any other piece can be moved without being captured.
This includes the king.
All normal rules apply once the only move left is to capture any piece.

The object of the game is to set up a random number of pieces in random positions which are then played by standard rules. This is accomplished after all the pieces that were in a position to be taken were taken after there were no more more moves possible without taking a piece. All pieces that can be taken have to be taken, the order the pieces are taken is left up to the players.

One problem I see for the rules is how to keep the players continuing to put pieces in positions where they could be captured. A player could continue to move pieces back and forth without putting those pieces in a position to be taken while the other player moves their pieces into a position where they could be captured. The idea is that a more or less equal number of pieces of both players would be in a position to be taken off the board once the capturing process starts. After the board is cleared of everything that can be taken, normal rules of chess would apply. I could say that the pieces can only move forward until the point is reached where the only move left is to start taking pieces.
To make it easier to understand, it's similar to Chess 960, except all the pieces start out being randomly positioned all over the board by the opening moves, then the game is played with the randomly surviving pieces as a normal game.

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