Fireside open submissions this week

Jan 2, 2008
@unbusy thing - If you were an awful writer, you wouldn't be getting that sort of letter. :)

Sometimes it really is that the story you wrote is a good story and well written and of a standard that could be published - but it doesn't quite fit with what they are doing, or one editor loved it the other didn't, or given the collection of other stories they've accepted they need a story of a different length to complete the volume, or it is a very good story but similar to another one that they like even better and don't want two like that in one volume.
Editors are very cautious in comments they make, because there are a minority of writers out there who try to argue about rejections - and can be very unpleasant. (Have seen online comments about this down the years, couldn't point you to anything specific - but included agents and editors making the comments, not just shaggy book stories.) Equally it is time - writing a personal letter is far slower than sending rejection letter A or B. When you start getting personal rejections - that actually comment on your manuscript itself - then that is a gold star (of sorts) :)

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