Searching for scifi/fantasy book regarding parallel dimensions and sentient crystal


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Feb 15, 2018
Hi Folks. I'm looking for a 2 book series I read probably in the 90's or early 00's. The story line was vaguely similar to Zelazny's Amber series, the main character could move between places realities. The family seemed to draw power from a sentient crystal life form that was hiding out. They protected earth, and in the second book there was some sort of intergalactic time travelling locomotive they used to travel to the ends of time/universe/galaxy to save everything.
Not sure, but try The Celestial Steam Locomotive by Michael Coney -- vol. 1 of the Songs of Earth series.

And welcome to Chrons, by the way!
Thank you for the welcome. I don't think Song of Earth is it, as the loco is in the second story, not the first. I can only remember scattered bits, such as the family mansion was protected, so they were safe(ish) on its grounds. Various members of the family had different "powers" one was very old and quite daft. There were strange weapons managed by an armorer, and other random things I remember. I want to say either the author or main character had a name like Steele or Greene, but so far searches have been negative.
No one else? Well darn, I was hoping someone might have read something like this. I can remember just enough to make me want to read it again.
A time travelling locomotive sounds like something Farmer would write about. If it wasn't him it should have been.
I can only remember snippets such as a library that could only be entered through a painting, an armory of very exotic weapons. The second book there was an immense construct by the bad guys that they needed to destroy to preserve the world/universe. I checked out Farmer, and he's not the one. I'm not sure if the loco was time/dimension/reality travelling or just dimension/reality.