Attention Indie Writers...

Gary Compton

I miss you, wor kid.
Jul 8, 2007
So it's pretty easy to print ebooks and paperbacks these days but hardbacks are a bit more difficult. If you are thinking of offering a limited edition hardback of your book then look no further than TBP. We will print them for you at Lightning Source.

Locations in US, UK and Australia keep the postage costs down and for example my own book the Fourth Reich - Head of the Snake would cost £9.60 per copy or Suzanne Jackson's book the Beguiler would cost £9.88. That's for a dust-jacketed hadback.

Plus postage of course and as many as you want. We can also offer cover, formatting and editing services. PM me for details.

You dont need an ISBN as your selling to friends, fans and family. This doesn't go onto Amazon. If you want that you will need to provide an ISBN.

Happy writing!