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Nov 10, 2008
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I was just going through some photos the other half had taken for me, and I remembered I meant to post one in this thread last month. Better late than never, here it is.

We visited the Terry Pratchett exhibition at Salisbury museum, and among the exhibits was a reproduction of TP's study. This was his desk:

TP desk.JPG

Sorry the photo isn't very clear, making the screens hard to read. The bottom middle screen was his WiP, but to the best of my memory none of the others was immediately connected with what he was writing, ie not a dictionary/thesaurus or research page or anything of that kind.** Evidently he didn't find it a problem to be distracted while trying to write. There was a quote by him to the effect that when he was asked why he had 6 screens on his desk, he said he didn't have enough room for 8!

The box to the left of the picture, by the way, is a replica of the Luggage, complete with feet, of course.

** EDIT: Got it wrong. The other half has managed to find the original image on his phone and we can read the screens. The bottom left is a Wikipedia page on arsenic, so was related to his writing (we hope...). The one above it is the iTunes site, with Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell, presumably what he was listening to as he was working. The middle top might be a file menu. But the top right is a computer game, and underneath it is what looks to be a BBC article on The Amazing Maurice, so those at least aren't work related!
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Jul 13, 2006
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I have that amount stuff open on my computer, I just have it all on one screen :D Or, as I am these days, swipey swiping through different apps to keep my butterfly brain busy.


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Dec 10, 2012
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I put two screens on my computer at work and burnt the power supply.
I suspect that the first step is buy the biggest and best power supply you can get.
Then you get the video card that can handle that many screens.

My first dual screen was in the early to mid 80's--an Intergraph station run by mini-vax the station had a digitizing table that was about the size of an E-vellum sheet. I had to learn fortran for some of the programs we used on that.
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