Killjoys 3.09: Reckoning Ball


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May 27, 2013
3.09 Reckoning Ball

As tragic as Alvis' death was, I'll miss the smart-mouthed Hullen warrior woman Kitaan more. Maybe we haven't seen the last of her.
I didn't like her. She looked crazy. Hope she'll stay lost in spece forever.

I got confused at the end. So while, Dutch was still planning to get on Aneela's ship, it was all the other way ? I'm sorry for Alvis, but at least we found out what was behind the reckoning.

I hoped the plan to save Dutch will work. No idea what to expect in the next episodes.
I'm also confused. Is that supposed to be Aneela? There is no way that Annela is that good an actress. Hey, even Dutch is a poor actress, as shown by the memory implanting. However, Aneela is also crazy bonkers and could never keep up such an act for that long. Nor would she have all those memories of Dutch to remember with Da'vin, and to be convincing.

Obviously, Dutch cannot die, but I cannot see a believable way for them to win without that happening. I have to say, the complicated back story has been very well composed so far. What I thought were mistakes always turned out to be fully explained, and totally necessary for the story. However, I can't see the same happening with this.

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