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Victoria Silverwolf

Vegetarian Werewolf
Dec 9, 2012
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
"Galactic Journey" is a website which takes as its premise that it is written by a science fiction fan of fifty-five years ago, allowing him to review "new" books and magazines, as well as offer commentary on the space program, world news, and so on. I have been invited to write a monthly review of Fantastic, at least until the issues I can find on Internet Archive run out, which should not happen for a few years.

Here is my first article for the website, reviewing the October 1961 issue.

[September 20, 1961] Theme and Variations (October 1961 Fantastic)
Wonderful news, Victoria - congratulations! And a perfect choice from the editor/site runner.

I loved your column. You have a terrific, authoritative voice in the piece, and your detailed reviews were terrific fun to read. You sounded of the era to me, and of the genre (I was slightly later than of-this-era, but I read enough earlier mags and short story collections with editorial forwards prefacing each entry to remember how it all sounded). Thoroughly enjoyable, and I'll be sure to check out future pieces. Well done!
As others have said, a well written article that flows really well. Congratulations, Victoria.
I've read very little from this era of SF but you write so well about it that I'm tempted to try. Leiber is definitely one author I should investigate more as I've only read the Lankhmar fantasies.
Slightly belated congratulations and you have inspired me to dig into the dustier corners of some shelves at JunkMonkey Mansions and try to dig out my copy of Oct '61 Fantastic. - I won't find it but I'll have fun trying.
Congratulations, Victoria.
While I think technological advancement is, on the whole, a good thing, I sometimes wonder whether the more we discover about our universe the less scope we have for our imagination to roam. I mean, never mind the Bahamas, imagine the wedding photos you could get on Venus.
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