George Clayton Johnson (Logan's run co-author)

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Jul 16, 2014
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Logan's Run author George Clayton Johnson dies at 86 - BBC News

I don't really remember the Logan's Run TV series, except I know I did watch some of it. I've seen the film enough times and have the book, to remember them.

I didn't realise he'd done screenplay for the first Star Trek episode.

I've not read the sequels to Logan's Run (book on Wikipedia), Logan's World and Logan's Search (William F. Nolan without Johnson)'s_World

(Co-Author of Logan's Run: William F. Nolan)

George Clayton Johnson on Wikipedia
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Sad news. Only know of him from Logan's Run but the passing of any SF writer is a loss to be mourned.
Much sadness!! I loved the Logan's Run film, starring Michael York, and I always meant to get around to reading the book someday.

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