Sad news: Terry Pratchett dies, age 66.

Just seen this myself. It's knocked me for six.
We knew it was on the cards, but not this soon.
Such sad news. I never thought I'd be replying to a thread like this for him so soon.

Rest in peace, and thanks for all of the books. They brightened my life at a time when everything seemed so dark.
Totally devastated... Rest in peace, Sir Terry. And thank you so, so much for the books, you live forever in your world.
Sad news, though not unexpected.

Lots of good, even great, writers in fantasy today, but not sure anyone else is practically a sub-genre by himself.
I like to think that for Sir Terry (a wizard with words) Death appeared to him just before he died. Sad news a great talent that will be severely missed.
It's not just his writing. The way PTerry dealt with fans was a model for how to do it with grace, humour, and genuine warmth and appreciation. Very sad.
The world is a little darker.

RIP, Pterry, and thanks for all the sheer joy that you've given me and countless others.
At last he can think clearly again. I'll miss looking forward to the new Pratchett (I know his daughter is going to continue the Discworld series but it won't be the same).

The greatest satirist of our times, RIP.
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