Something is coming to the old Terry Brooks forum!

I think Biodroid might have meant that if you click on the link, it takes you to a near-blank page similar to that used by domain advertisers. (Though on closer inspection it isn't.)
Sorry biodroid, I didn't mean for it to look like advertising, I was only excited to see he might have a new forum. :(
Thanks Brian and HareBrain for making sure it wasn't an advertisement. :)
Sorry, didn't mean Wo7f was advertising, I meant to say that the Terry Brooks forum (not the Chrons one) was down and the domain looks like it's for sale. I agree Brian, that Wo7f posted in the correct section didn't mean it that Wo7f was trying to advertise. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I do hope that there will be an official Terry Brooks forum approved by him.
That's just a default webpage, only shown because the forum was removed.
Same thing for or

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