Top fantasy novels/series, heavy on the ballantine series

Actually, looking through that thing's comment section, there are some I agree with on that list, and others I just have to laugh at.

One person suggested Thomas Covenant be on that kind of list. The moment my eyes landed on that, I was like...WHAT!?! I do agree that Narnia should be given at least mention, and I do agree with Wonderland being included.

Though to be fair, I haven't actually read much in the way of any classic literature outside of Poe, simply because I don't have time or money to hunt in bookshops much, and when I do, no classic fantasy exists within them. I may simply have to try to look online for anything whose copyright has run out and has since been added to the public domain.

Actually, though, even though it was merely a poem, and more supernatural horror than fantasy, I do have to say that Rime of the Ancient Mariner should go on some form of list. Admittedly, not this one, but some list.

I'm surprised the likes of Verne or Burroughs wasn't on that list, to be honest...maybe they would be added to sci fi, Verne certainly.

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