UFO film gets the go ahead

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Oct 20, 2013
24th July 2009 05:35 AM

David Allen

Yet another science fiction show from the archives of UK television is to get the big screen treatment, UFO was the first live action series to be shown on UK TV screens from the puppet master Gerry Anderson.

With the success of Thunderbirds, UFO is clearly the next best story to make into a film. During the original series, the action was set in 1980 and “SHADO” had been set up to fight off alien invaders.

In the film version of series, the action will be set in 2020 and the job no doubt will be the same, it will have to be good, because the show has a cult following with the series being shown on ITV4.

On board is special effects guy Matthew Gratzner and producer Robert Evans. There is no news as to when the film will start shooting or who will be starring in it either.

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