Ghost Rider suits up once more

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Oct 20, 2013
25th September 2009 04:50 AM

David Allen

It looks like the co-writer of Batman Begins, David Goyer is in talks to bring Ghost Rider back to the big screen, this has been an on and off development for some time now, but on this occasion it seems that there could be substance in the claims.

The main factor would be bringing in the actor Nicolas Cage to play the main role once more; following the actor turning his back on playing the villain in the Green Hornet; it seems that he could be available.

The original film made Sony around £140 million from the box office alone and there is a market for this style of film, especially after Disney moved in on Marvel, they are going to be looking to get a return on the investment.

One factor that will be on Sony’s mind is that if the film is not made soon then the rights could return to Marvel.

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