Tripwire announces Dwarfs for the PC and Xbox

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Oct 20, 2013
16th August 2010 02:07 PM

Darren Allan


Tripwire has announced that it’s to publish an arcade style strategy game, Dwarfs, on the PC and Xbox 360.

Developed by Power of Two, the game has already picked up several awards, including the Game of the Year at the Swedish Game Awards 2010.

Dwarfs demands that the player guide a tribe of asexual, bearded stunties as they mine a vast underground world. Their aim is simple – to mine gold and minerals, and collect any treasure they find.

Unfortunately, these dwarfs (or should we say dwarves?) are rather dopey and will continue to mine no matter what is ahead of them, whether that’s a pocket of lava or water which will flood and kill off your entire operation. So it’s a game based around skilfully managing your industrious but stupid pick wielding workers and saving them from disasters.

As the player, you’ve got to quickly build up defensive walls to patch potential problems, turn earth to stone, or lob dynamite around in order to help deal with the monsters which roam the mines.

Sessions can be quick 15 minute games, or you can frolic in the sandpit of a giant mine which will take forever finish, with an “almost infinite” size. Randomly generated maps mean no two games are ever the same.

Dwarfs will also offer a Defend the Town Hall mode, which instead of requiring the player to explore and mine, will simply send wave after wave of enemies which need to be vanquished, lest they pull down the town hall.

Expect Dwarfs to be available as a download on Steam in the autumn. There’s no word on how much it will set you back as yet.

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