Pirates of the Burning Sea goes free-to-play

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    Darren Allan


    Flying Lab Software has announced the release of Power & Prestige, the first expansion for its MMORPG Pirates of the Burning Sea, alongside some potentially bigger news for the game.

    In the next update for the MMORPG, which is coming at some point this autumn, the game will switch to a free-to-play model. A monthly subscription fee will no longer be levied on players, and Flying Lab Software intends to institute a series of micro-transactions instead.

    In other words, you’ll be able to buy premium content and in-game items such as clothes and pets using Burning Sea Points which are purchased with real world money (or traded for off other players). The developer promises that the stuff on sale won’t be overpowered and will not allow those prepared to fork out money to dominate other players.

    There will still be a subscription option, however, called the Captain’s Club, which will grant bonuses such as increased experience, account upgrades, and discounts off items bought with Burning Sea Points. And possibly bonus Fish Fingers.

    The game’s Power & Prestige expansion adds over 60 new missions, and a new fighting school of brawling. A port governance system has also been bolted on, so players can become governor of a port they’ve captured, wielding economic and strategic influence.

    Russell Williams, CEO of Flying Lab Software, commented: “With Power & Prestige’s Port Governance, we’ve added a whole new level of immersion to the struggle for power. We’re also excited to make Pirates of the Burning Sea even more accessible by making it free-to-play in the near future so that even more players can enjoy the amazing ship battles, in-depth missions, and the rich Caribbean setting.”

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