Star Trek sequel delayed to end of 2012?

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Oct 20, 2013
30th May 2011 05:38 PM

Darren Allan

The sequel to 2009′s Star Trek movie is supposed to be lining up for release in a year’s time.

However, according to, there’s a chance it will be delayed to the end of 2012.

This news actually comes from a source who spoke to Deadline, claiming that there’s good news – JJ Abrams is coming back to the Director’s chair – and bad news, that Paramount is currently considering shifting the flick back six months.

With it being two years since the last film – and indeed six years since the last TV series, Enterprise – Star Trek is going through a definite dry spell which could be set to become even more parched.

Still, there’s one other interesting Star Trek rumour doing the rounds at the moment, which popped up at Cinema Blend. Namely that there’s a chance Star Trek will pop up as an animated series on the TV.

This doesn’t sound too likely, and given that it was based on a very vague exchange on Twitter, it’s more than a little flimsy. Still, you never know… if we hear anything else, we’ll keep you posted.