New Stargate movies a possibility?

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Oct 20, 2013
6th July 2011 05:13 PM

Darren Allan


We’d kind of forgotten Stargate was originally a piece of cinema, what with the long-running TV series and spin-offs such as Stargate Universe.

Anyway, we recently re-watched the Stargate film from 1994, and while its special effects (the cool Egyptian helmet things) didn’t look quite so special, it still made for an enjoyable if slightly brainless viewing experience.

And for those who are fans of the flick, some potential good news has just emerged courtesy of a Collider interview with Dean Devlin, the co-writer of the original (along with Roland Emmerich).

Devlin told Collider that in fact Stargate was first conceived as a trilogy of movies, which the TV series then got in the way of. However, with things winding down, he’s now saying that they might make the second and third films.

Devlin said that he would plan to use the same actors, and the plot would explore the origin of the Stargates, where else they are in the universe and why they were built.

Something that Stargate Universe was in fact threatening to do, except now it’s been cancelled (in the middle of a massive mid-season cliffhanger), we’ll never find out via the machinations of Dr Rush and company.

Devlin also mentioned the possibility of an Independence Day sequel (or two), a prospect we must admit we’re not so enamoured with. He does say that they’ve finally had an idea that was worthy to be a sequel, although in our eyes, that wouldn’t take much doing.

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