Memorable ancient threads that should be read!


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Aug 26, 2012
I was just contemplating the vast amount of past discussion threads held here - A daunting prospect to try and weave through, yet at the same time a wonderous pot of possibility!

Since I'm quite new to this forum, I have only witnessed a few grains of this vast beach, and was wondering if any wise old timers could recommend any threads that could enrich us new folk?

Are there any discussions that have stuck in your head? Any that could have marked a turning point in your thoughts/writing? Any that are just plain memorable and/or unmissable for any reason??
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Haahahah, I want to read the script. 12 years later. That is funny.
Thanks Harpo for your suggestions.

Firstly, thanks for the friendly amusement. My imagination ran away with me while I was day dreaming about Chilly and Storm child locking themselves away for over a decade writing the most astonishing script that will revolutionise script writing, then by some haphazard state of affairs... it was lost, only to be found in the year 4282. Historians will trace the origins back to the dusty archives of chrons!

Also, thanks for the other suggestions!

After a brief look...

Loads of interesting poems held. I think the reason I first got into writing was when my literature teachers pointed out really well the way some poetry works. Was fascinated by the effects words could make.

About the critiquing:

I liked this summing up of the debate...
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Re: Is This A Serious Critiquing Website?
So, in conclusion (because this thread has wandered well way from the original question) I say that Yes, this is a website that has people who are very serious about critiquing. It is not its primary purpose, and it is not a professional critiquing service, but it made no claims of being one, and the service you get here is absolutely free. Being a collection of individuals we cannot be responsible for the behaviour of individuals, but we have rules and will act if anyone does not follow them. If you don't like the way something works, then you can ask for it to be changed. We are open to change, even from new members, because we only want to make the website better for everyone. The proof is in the extraordinary time and effort that have been put into resolving these minor issues made in a rather inflammatory and rude original post. Of course, it is impossible to please all the people, all of the time, and some people will inevitably just have to find somewhere they prefer elsewhere. That is their prerogative, but we won't be crying ourselves to sleep over losing them, and we must be doing something right given the number of people who stay.

I think enough has been said on this subject now.

I believe chrons is a great community of writers and I think there is a great deal of respect given for ALL people who come here. It comes across alot to me (as a newbie) anyway. I'm guessing why a lot of people are drawn into this forum after they start.