2.14: One Percent


Dec 10, 2008
United States
Reese and Finch protect a high tech billionaire whose curiosity and limitless resources threatens to expose who they are and sabotage their efforts to save his life. Meanwhile, Fusco tries to figure out how to derail Carter's investigation into 2 missing police officers.

I liked how Reese decided to just come out and say that Pierce needed protection and Reese could provide it. It definitely made it easier to keep track of him even though he seemed to have a blatant disregard for his own life...or maybe that was just his way of luring out the attackers? (I won't say who just in case people haven't seen the ep yet).

Then we've got Fusco who knows exactly what happened to the officers that Carter's tracking, but really needs the investigation to disappear. I think it's going to come to a point of whether he wants to take HR down or keep sabotaging his friendships with Carter and Reese (such as they are).

It looks like Pierce may be someone they're thinking about bringing back some time down the road. The question with him comes down to, is he going to be more of a hinderance than a help?
I like all the re-occurring characters. I'm sure Pierce will be back again, but hopefully as a help rather than a hindrance. They have enough old friends to deal with in the next few episodes.

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