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Aug 22, 2007
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So I was nosing around Amazon and came across the magazines for Kindle and had a quick look before finding a few that appear to have a fantasy/scifi lean to them. However I don't really read much nor hear much about these publications when people chat about fantasy or sci-fi - we all talk about the big books and novels, but less about the magazines and short stories (despite many big names having cut their teeth or even been mostly published in magazines and the pulpfiction in the past).

So I thought it was about time to find out a little bit more. Thus far these ones have appeared on Kindle:
Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Asimov's Science Fiction
Fantasy & Science Fiction, Extended Edition
Clarkesworld Magazine
Lightspeed Magazine
eFiction Magazine

It would be great to hear from readers of the above (and of other similar publications of course) as to their thoughts on them; in addition as to if they are worth their weight in the digital world as much as on paper or if the paper editions outstrip the digital .

also what is with skimwords adding links into things? Darn adverts :p
The problem is to get these on the newshelves you'll either have to place a regular order, a subscription or go to a very big, probably city centre newsagent, and even then they'll only do Analog and interzone. Kindle might make these more mass market i suppose, which would be good.
Well, the first five are pretty huge ones. Ones that I'd like to have a story in one day!

eFiction Magazine? Never heard of that one.

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