SG-U: 2.19 - Blockade


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Jun 26, 2002
When Destiny’s second attempt to recharge in a star is foiled by attacking drones, the crew realizes the drones must have found a way to track the stars the Destiny plans to draw power from. Eli suggests that they attempt to recharge in a blue super giant, a star so hot it won’t be suspect. But it’s a risky option. Rush and Eli joined by Park must stay aboard to manually override Destiny’s safety protocols and maneuver it through the star.

The rest of the crew gates to a nearby planet for safety where they find an abandoned city whose former inhabitants appear to have been decimated by an alien attack. Knowing the use of the gate will draw the drones, they prepare to hold out until the Destiny is finished it’s dangerous recharge.
The Drones are this seasons bad guys, but are they a bit too powerful?
I see some similarities between them and the Replicators, both being machines with a singular purpose. The difference is that the Destiny crew don't have access to top scientists with vast resources, so what is going to happen in the next episode is anybody's guess.

I have a feeling it might have something to do with the descendants of the alt-Destiny crew coming to the rescue in their advance ships, but then again, I'm just speculating wildly.

There were a few great one-liners in the episode, "Holy crap, we dialled Pittsburgh" was probably my favourite, and I know it was one of David Blue's favourite lines for a while.

Next episode is the very last one, so we'll have to wait and see if it's an edge of seat affair or not.

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