Witches' Brew version/pubisher question


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Jan 15, 2011
I just read Witches' Brew. I have the Legend trade paper which is 304 pages.

Looking online I noticed that the hard cover has 400 pages and the paperback has 352.

Do I have some abridged version? There's nothing noting such in the volume.
It could be that the text size, page layout, line spacing, or just about anything is different from one edition to the other.

It maybe that the publisher has a set size and weight for his books. Some books feel wrong as a hardback unless they have substance.

Or it may be that the publisher has provided more than the usual amount of drivel at the beginning of the book as he knows this is a ready source of material that can be torn out for use as bookmarks.
I know that uncorrected proofs use different spacing and typeface (a typical trick being not to take a fresh page for a new chapter), resulting in a significantly shorter MS.

I'd assume that the trade paperback is much the same and each chapter following its predecessor without a page break and blank page would certainly reflect this.

Published editions also often carry separate title and dedication pages and extra endpapers.

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