3.03: Goblin's Gold


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Jan 5, 2001
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From: BBC One
Merlin stumbles across a secret chamber and accidentally releases a Goblin. The mischievous creature possesses Gaius, leading the once-wise physician to develop a taste for gold, ale and magical jokes.

With a suddenly-bald King and a scourge of flatulence sweeping the royal household, can Merlin work out what is going on and banish the Goblin back to where he came from before any real damage is done?

Seemed to have been played purely for comedic laughs, and that is what Richard Wilson does best, but the fact that, as Arthur and Gwen mentioned near the end, the events of the past few days should be forgotten, seemed unlikely to me. In reality, Morgana should have, could have, and would have, used the denouncement of Merlin to be rid of him for good. I don't understand why she just sat in silence (apart from her embarrassing upset stomach.)

In my more, cynical mood, switching to Gaius rather than the CGI Goblin after five minutes must have saved some of the budget too.

I'm also joining the "Uther must die!" club. Where do I sign up?
First of all, this was the most hilarious episode and that's for sure I won't forget it soon. I must admit that the scene with Arthur as a donky was a little too much. :D

In my opinion, the fact that the goblin used Gaius was a good choice and not only for saving money from the budget. That goblin (aka Gaius) dared to tell anybody the truth. Now Morgana is afraid of Gaius, too so she couln't get rid of Merlin no matter how much she wanted to.
While it was a "monster of the week" episode, it was quite a lot of fun. (It helped that Richard Wilson was obviously enjoying himself.)

Morgana must be wondering how much Gaius can recall of the time during which he was possessed.

If she showed any intelligence at all - I can't think of any examples of when she has ;) - she might wonder if Gaius was behind Merlin's earlier escape from Morgause's power. Her belief that Merlin is a magician (if she believed this at all) may have already been undermined by his behaviour in the previous episode**, i.e. that he didn't overtly use any magic when down in the crypt. So in her eyes, who else might have saved him? Only Gaius comes to mind.

** - And his defeat of the goblin used science (a poison and its antidote), not magic.
I really enjoyed the episode, after the start of the season, it was good to have a light-hearted romp, especially one that was done as well as this.

I did like to see that there has been some movement, with Arthur trusting Merlin enough to begin his own investigation into things - showing a measure of trust and dare I say friendship. Earlier in the show I'm pretty sure he would have let the 'wizard' die without question!
Definitely a funny one. Arthur the donkey was hilarious!
I loved this TV show. I have watched this episode. I really like it.I enjoyed this episode. Its was good. I have watched the all episode and seasons of this TV show on DVD.

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