Noughts and Crosses!


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Oct 28, 2008
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I'm gonna stick my head on the block and offer my two cents (wow, two metaphors in one sentence!) about the series of covers for Interzone and its penchant for Noughts and Crosses.

Initially, I thought the Ns and Cs represented two sides respectively, but then I had a sudden realization when I put the covers together. Its about the games themselves.

With one notable exception, all the games are unwinnable. If both theoretical players aren't blind idiots, (almost) every game shown ends in stalemate. Status Quo.

All the 'baddies' in the painting (The gas masked soldiers, robot and ships) carry a stalemate N'n'C emblem. Its also interesting to note that the world they seemingly lord over lacks progress or newness.
Back again! (The system sometimes logs me out when I go on too long)

Anyway, the only victorious N'n'C game is a graffiti on the wall next to the hiding schoolkids. My guess is, the kid's side put it there as a sign of rebellion against the 'stasis order'--its akin to the anarchy 'A' sign, in a sense. The 'three nought' grafitti represents a dream of emancipation from the old order's stalemate into something young and progressive.

As for the final cover, I reckon it'll be one of these three noughts kids in the right fist of the great robot--Fae Wrae style--possibly waving the rebel flag. My guess is, the bike is his/ hers.

Whatever, its been a superb piece illustration from a mag positively drowning in ambitious vision!
Yep, I sure do. And might I say that that Warwick fellow is a great chap to chat with.

In fact the whole experience has been an utter blast (I had a total squee moment this morning when I saw my name mentioned in IZ'z editorial) for which I have everyone at TTA to thank for.

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