New GRRM podcast interview on ADWD and the TV series


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Jun 4, 2006
GRRM on the Dragon Page podcast here.

He talks in detail on the delays on A Dance with Dragons, and notes there is a generational gap between himself and his older fans and some of his younger fans who seem more insistent that the books come out faster. He also notes that when he wrote Fevre Dream no-one knew the book existed until it landed on his agent's desk, whilst the thousand people sitting on his shoulder whilst ADWD has been written is an altogether different (and tougher) kind of pressure.

He also confirms the primary delay on ADWD has been the resolution of the elimination of the five-year-gap issue, an issue going back ten years.

Interestingly he, I think for the first time, confirms what he's previously only said at cons: that the main struggle in A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons has been the conflict between the issues solved by the elimination of the five-year-gap and new issues raised by that same elimination. He also says, unusually frankly, that he does have a growing perfectionist streak brought about by the success of the earlier books and notes that he is older now, which is another issue.

When asked about completion, he again says, "Soon," but doesn't put a date on it.

He also talks about the TV series and notes the actors in it. In the list he still includes, contrary to some previous reports, Tamzin Merchant as Daenerys.

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