Why do you re-read Lovecraft?

J Riff

The Ants are my friends..
Apr 11, 2010
Sleeping in Lab
Twice, three times I went back to Lovecraft, and each time he held his ground, decade after decade, while most science fiction of the time dated itself steadily. The best horror writers are still the Gnome Press-era lot.
There's round four coming, when all the letters and obscure texts become available, as is sure to happen.
As it gets harder and harder to believably re-create the pre-technological world that HPL showed us the tail end of, writers will have to dig pretty deep to match HPL in so few words.
One still reads HPL because of his fabulous style, worth attempting a hack at if one fancies oneself any kind of horror scribe, and to absorb what one can of his madness.

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