Astronomers Baffled by Object


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Nov 8, 2009
Streak ... object was circling about 90 million miles from Earth

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Scientists say the object could be the result of a collision between two asteroids. Nasa described the debris pattern and trailing streamers of dust as "mysterious" but said the images captured by the Hubble Telescope suggested a head-on collision. The object, known as P/2010 A2, was circling about 90 million miles from Earth in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter when it was spotted last week.

Interesting. :)


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The Hubble is discovering many weird things recently. Apparently, because of it's highly elliptical orbit, Pluto is slowly turning red as Nitrogen is melting on one side and re-freezing on another.

There must be many asteroid collisions. It is a pity they cannot actually catch one happening, rather than the after-effects.
Any day now the alien spaceship theories are going to start coupled with the 'NASA and the US Government are covering it up' conspiracies.
Like the 'Shoemaker Levy 9', these things happen and are usually missed...

Now, had a 'visible' comet taken a hit from one of those 'Earth Crossers', we'd have every pair of binoculars pointed that way...

IIRC, a similar splash sometimes follows an out-of-plane comet crossing Sun's magnetic field ...
I think Pluto is turning red because it caught a glimpse of Uranus!
The collision theory seems to be the most realistic to me... However I know that we have a few... ufo enthusiasts around these parts...