favourite character types

Mar 26, 2005
helloi was just wondering what peoples favourite character types are. im curious as to whether people relate tp different characters depending on their back round.

i personally favour the strong heroine
I love magnetic villians. The kind you know you should hate but you just can't, because they're so much fun.
I'm quite fond of the hero that ticks everyone off by being a smartmouth type. Or the one that is a hero despite his/her better judgement...

Edited to add: I also love a well-crafted sidekick.
I like villains as well, but they have to be really clever and have a good plan how to conquer the universe (the plan, of course, will not work because of the hero, :) but it is necessary to have such a plan)

I guess I like the reasonably smart people, myself, but who nevertheless have a vital flaw in their personalilty. Like they're blind to relationships, for example. Or politics.
Hero: Highly intelligent, highly skilled, and highly flawed.

Villain: Even more intelligent, and extremely driven, with at least a touch of insanity.
I like characters who are a little roguish (SP?), have a shaded past and take chances. (Han Solo types). Characters who have a unique (Mystical) ablilty also have a certain appeal.
Generally, especially lately I tend to like characters that don't really stem from commonly used archetypes. Relatively recent characters that have impressed me include Mieville's Weaver from Perdido Street Station, R. Scot Bakker's Kellhus from his Prince of Nothing series, and Tyrion Lannister from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. There are some exceptions, like Erikson's Anomander Rake is just to dope to hate for being typical, but than again I don't like nearly as much popular characters like Gemmell's Druss. I guess the answer is I don't have a typical type, I like original creations that fit well into their given story or sometimes I like tried an true chaarcters if written exceptionally well.
For the "hero", favorite character type has to be one with some moral flexibility. Not necessarily a typical rogue, but one who follows his own path with his own ethics. The Gray Mouser springs immediately to mind, or someone like FitzChivalry Farseer or Seregil who will use whatever they have to use to complete the task they deem worthy.

For the "villian" the more evil the better, has to be shockingly evil. Like Darken Rahl convincing a young boy to love and trust him, then pouring molten lead down his throat.
Hmmm. My favorite character type must be the knight or warrior, who fears little, and what he/she does fear, goes into anyway. This person loves to be out in the wilds, alone in the lands, with only a sword and steed as comfort. This person prays to the gods for strength and is clever in everyway.
The healers appeal to me. Whether they heal through their knowledge of herbs, through prayer, or through magic, they are always my favorite characters. This also carries over into my video game play. I always choose to be Clerics or Paladins in RPGs.

Good Question! :)

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