New white whale spotted


The Wicked Sword Maiden
Jun 14, 2005
New white whale spotted
A white humpback has been sighted off Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia
The newcomer, which was filmed by a television news helicopter, has excited marine scientists who think it may be related to Migaloo - to date, the only known all-white humpback whale.
Migaloo is somewhat of a celebrity down under. Why? "Because as far as we know, he is globally unique," said Professor Peter Harrison from the Whale Research Centre, Southern Cross University.
It now seems that Migaloo, (whose Aboriginal name means "white fellow") might have competition. Although predominantly white, the new whale does have some black markings near its head and tail. So who is the newcomer?

I do hope they follow up with further information - this is very exciting.
Lets hope the Whale hunting fraternity of the planet don't get any ideas. It always amazes me that more can't be done to make the whaling countries suffer because of their unnatural practises. (probably because most of the planet are ignorant selfish b******s and don't care) Iceland for instance not over rich in trade advantages I would have thought could easily made to see sense if people try. Although I suppose if you have nothing to trade you have nothing to be boycotted. Still Japan now there's a different case.

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