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Roy G
Oct 19, 2006
Cheshire, UK
For those of you who work in central Manchester

Yes I will be taking the magazines and books (including Tony's) there and will try to be set up there by 12:30. Entry is free but the reading matter isn’t, though prices tend to be less than cover.

As I cannot drive and park near that venue I'll be lugging everything around in a suitcase. So stocks will be limited and you can help me reduce the burden by letting me know in advance if you know you want specific, recent, issues of BS or IZ. (or Crimewave or Tony's novels etc)

Mail me at roy1gray (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk or reply below.

I'm told these lunchtime events are normally poetry readings so hopefully we'll find a new audience for IZ and Tony.
Interzone will be at the 66th Worldcon, the 2008 World Science Fiction Convention, with a dealer stand; with the help of our US friends. Denvention 3 is, obviously, in Denver, Colorado, dates August 6th to 10th this year.

We will sell Interzone and Black Static there at the unbelievably low price of $7 or $8. The local and State taxes along with exchange rate volatility make it difficult to decide immediately on pricing. I expect our US readers think $8 is not ‘unbelievably low’ but it is less than the $12, or more, charged in their normal retail emporia.

If you, or others you know, are going and there are particular issues of either magazine that you want let me know here or via roy1gray (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk and visit our stand. I’ll try to ensure we take them. This includes our new horror magazine Black Static, Crimewave and our books. You have to tell us soon though because we have to send our stocks early in July. If you are reluctant to use that e mail for fear of Interzone spam I can assure you it won’t happen but if that is a worry then use this thread to list any requests.

After all it is a green option; saves all the carbon involved in sending unwanted stock to Denver and then returning it later.
Birmingham SF convention, Novacon 38. 14- 16 Nov 2008 It looks like I'll be there for TTA. Interzone, Black Static and Crimewave will be sold from the TTA stand. The last few Islington Crocodiles will also be there, as will Alison but, as far as I know, their authors Paul Meloy and Andy Humphrey will not attend.

It will soon be the season to be spending so why not come along and buy something.

Novacon is the UK's longest-established regional science fiction convention, held every autumn since 1971. It's built around a single-stream programme mixing both literary items and more informal events, with deliberate emphasis on social contact between sf fans and genre professionals.

The venue is the Quality Hotel in Bentley near Walsall. (just off Junction 10 of the M6)
I wrote up some of our adventures at the2008 World Science Fiction Convention, here and there are only 3 Islington Crocodiles left to take to Novacon next weekend. There were 9 on 1st Nov.
TTA will be present at the BSFA/SF Foundation AGM and 1 day meeting on Saturday 27th June 2009 from 10 am at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London.

Guests are Nick Harkaway and Paul Kincaid.

I'll be there with Interzones, Black Statics, Islington Crocodiles and a few CERN ZOOs. But not many as I'm coming by train.
If you have a specific requirement for one of these, and are likely to be there, please let me know. Not sure I'll arrive before 10 am. It means a very early train. But I'll be there before midday.

CERN ZOO? Well I have a story in this one.712
Once again the Manchester International Festival (2-19 July 2009) will feature the Manchester Independent Book Market – this brings together small and regional publishers and features a variety of niche and specialist publications.

This year will be the second Manchester Book Market; I'm informed the last market, in 2007, was very successful and garnered its share of media coverage. Again the market will be staged in St Ann’s Square, just outside the Royal Exchange Theatre, one of Manchester’s central squares. It will take place over the final three days (17-19 July) of the 2009 Manchester International Festival. In a special café area, some of the North West’s leading live literature/spoken word artists will perform throughout each day

TTA Press along with Interzone, Black Static, Crimewave etc. will be there, we should even have an author - Tim Lees - or two, involved in the readings. Conrad Williams who has appeared in TTA and Black Static will also be reading. It is a market but for authors this should also be a networking opportunity.

Parking at Boddingtons car park in Gt Ducie St M3 1PU behind the MEN Arena. £3 a day and £1 on Sunday and just under 3/4 mile from the Square. The old brewery chimney is a landmark.
There is closer parking by Victoria Station (0.5 mile) at £4.50 and £3.50 on Sundays and even closer if you pay more, much more.
There are also free buses from Victoria and Piccadilly Stations. 754
We'll have a stand at Alt Fiction Derby on 12 June. Interzones, Black Statics, Crimewaves, The Harm, Islington Crocodile plus Cern Zoo will be on sale.
What's unsold on the 12th will be on sale at the Manchester Book Fair 25/6 June.
Also we'd like to hear your thoughts on the issues you've seen and find new readers.
Black Static; In Waterstones!!!

Black Static the horror fiction and dark fantasy short story magazine published bimonthly by TTA Press is now entering its fourth year.

It will be on sale in Waterstone's Liverpool One from 18:00 to 20:00 on Friday 26th November 2010. The evening will be a showcase for the magazine Ellen Datlow called 'The most consistently excellent horror magazine published' - Black Static.

Authors Graham Joyce, Simon Kurt Unsworth and Wigan’s Paul Finch, who have all contributed stories to Black Static or its precursor The Third Alternative, will read from their work.

Tickets are £2 and are redeemable against any horror book purchased on the night. You can book and pay by phone 0151 709 9820.

Waterstone's Liverpool One is the largest bookstore in Merseyside and features the biggest single floor of books in Europe, with over 3km of shelves on the first floor. The Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror section is the most successful in the region both in terms of sales and growth. The store runs many events featuring local, national and global best-selling authors.
Just think; to look at every book on the first floor you can walk 3 km, over 1 3/4 miles, that's about 230 calories used looking at books. Why visit a gym?

Although this is only a one evening event, Waterstones won’t be stocking Black Static - or Interzone - anytime soon, we hope it will be a successful for both parties and will lead to more of such in the future. So please come along and spread the word. This will be the second of Waterstone's Liverpool One horror readings and the Twisted Tales website shows more details including images from the 1st event.

Graham Joyce
Simon K Unsworth Simon Kurt Unsworth’s Blog
Paul Finch Book clients - Blake Friedmann
Waterstones Liverpool ONE - Events At Waterstone's
Twisted Tales Twisted Tales
TTA Press TTA Press - Publishers of Interzone, Black Static, Crimewave and more
About Black Static TTA Press - Black Static: Dark Fantasy & Horror - About Black Static
Current Issue TTA Press - Black Static: Dark Fantasy & Horror - New Issues
Next event is a Zinechat: A twitter chat for small press publishers, writers, editors, staff and readers to meet, network and talk. A new guest is featured each month, but everyone is welcome to meet and discuss.
Guests for December will be TTA's Andy Hedgecock along with myself (Roy) and hopefully Marc-Anthony Taylor, Pete Bullock and Jim Steel. We can't all stay up late but between us we might last into the US night.

Twitter December 14, 11pm (GMT and 6 pm EST)
Search the hashtag #zinechat to follow along and participate.
Jaym Gates (zinechat) on Twitter
We are now less than one week away from our Twitter Zinechat. 23:00 GMT Tuesday 14 Dec.To find Zinechat: log on twitter. Then on the right-hand navigation bar on the main Twitter page, there is a search box. (Find People) Just type in #zinechat there, and find the stream. Follow the #zinechat hashtag, and mark all of your responses with #zinechat. This allows users who do not follow any of us to see all posts and responses.
This will be an open forum: hopefully lots of people asking all sorts of questions, which may be tricky as we hope to have 3 or 4 of us online answering. Those numbers will decline after midnight so get there early.You can try it anytime as there is stuff on Zinechat now.
Also see our Events
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