US Price Of Interzone


Roy G
Oct 19, 2006
Cheshire, UK
In the USA stores have been charging around $12 or $13 for Interzone. Much more than our peers which are usually priced at less than $6.

A potential distributor has suggested he would want to set a price of just under $10 but this still sounds too high to us but we would like some US reader/potential reader views on pricing.

So can we carry out a little bit of market research please? We want to get Interzone into all the right US stores and obviously the current economic climate and exchange rate makes this a problem. Even so, we promised that we'd do everything we can to get the cover price down. We've made some progress but now it would be extremely helpful to get as much feedback from you as possible.

What price would you expect or be willing to pay for Interzone in a US store?

Please make your answers as brief, or as expansive, as you like. Many thanks!

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