Interzone 214 Fiction: Priest, Interview: Banks


Roy G
Oct 19, 2006
Cheshire, UK
Interzone 214 (Jan/Feb 2008) Due on sale Jan 10.

Cover Art: Science fiction imagery by new cover artist Paul Drummond for Jason Stoddard’s novella ‘Far Horizon’.


Far Horizon by Jason Stoddard (novella)
illustrated by Paul Drummond

Pseudo Tokyo by Jennifer Linnaea
illustrated by Darren Winter

The Trace of Him by Christopher Priest

The Faces of My Friends by Jennifer Harwood-Smith
Jennifer Harwood-Smith grew up in Limerick, Eire. Her story, won the 2006 James White Award and now that propels her from the ranks of the unpublished amateur to the published professional.
Jennifer’s 3000-word short story is the result of her musing on the way hard won freedoms are easily lost. In ‘The Faces of My Friends’ the loss is the freedom to make connections but there are those, including the narrator, who find extreme means to break out.
Since winning Jennifer has obtained her degree in New Media and English at UL with first class honours, and is now doing an MPhil in Popular Literature at Trinity College, Dublin.
The James White Award was instituted to honour his memory as one of Ireland's most successful science fiction authors. Winners are published in Interzone, Britain's only professional science fiction and fantasy short fiction magazine.

The Scent of Their Arrival by Mercurio D. Rivera; who won Interzone’s 2006 IZ Readers’ Poll.
illustrated by Paul Drummond


The Facts of the Matter Paul Raven interviews: Iain M. Banks about ‘the Culture’ and Iain’s latest novel Matter (out in February).

Plus all the usual features are here, including book reviews by John Clute, David Mathew, Maureen Kincaid Speller, John Howard, Paul Kincaid, Tony Lee, Paul F. Cockburn, Rick Kleffel, Jim Steel; film reviews by Nick Lowe; DVD reviews by Tony Lee; manga reviews by Sarah Ash; David Langford’s Ansible Link.

Readers' Poll list of 2007 stories and artworks, rules, closing date

NOTE Interzone is now available as a download for all types of E reader devices from Fictionwise
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