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Roy G
Oct 19, 2006
Cheshire, UK
If you are familiar with e books skip the first 2 paragraphs and go here.

Creative writing is not immune to information technology. The literary equivalent to music’s Ipod is the ebook reader and there are many devices into readers can download an electronic version of a novel or magazine. Alternatives to specific ebooks are PDAs, laptops and some mobile phones.

Fictionwise is a US website which formats books and magazines for web distribution to e book readers such as the ‘Amazon Kindle’ or ‘Sony Reader’. They take a file from the publisher and convert it to the multitude of formats needed to ensure all E book readers and many ‘mobile’ devices can display the text. Fictionwise sell the files through their website though publishers can also do it themselves via their own, or retailer, sites.

TTA Press will use 'MultiFormat' ebooks. These are NOT encrypted and paying for one type of download format allows free access to other formats of that ebook. So customers who update to a new e reader or mobile device do not lose access to their existing library.

TTA Press’s short fiction publications are Interzone, Black Static and Crimewave. The first two are magazines with original short fiction and non-fiction articles and the latter is a regular collection of short crime fiction. Crimewave 9 Transgressions has been on sale at Fictionwise since October 2007 and now Interzone magazine is available as an ebook. Readers can purchase the magazine in single issues or as a one-year subscription here. The e publication of the magazine begins with the three most recent issues of Interzone: 211, 212, & 213. Future issues will appear alongside the publication of the print edition. At this time, there are no plans to offer any issues before IZ 211.

Fictionwise are offering 20% off their normal price in this introductory week.
At present the e edition is not available direct from the TTA or T3A site.
Over a year since I last posted here and TTA's E reader editions have multiplied
So now [FONT=&quot]Interzone[FONT=&quot]s 211 to 219 are available and [/FONT]there is an E reader/E book edition of Black Static which can be downloaded relatively cheaply from Fictionwise. All 6 of the first year's issues are now on Fictionwise as BS6 has just been uploaded. BS7 is due to be posted there soon.[/FONT]

You can subscribe to electronic editions of the magazines or buy them individually.

TTA's first published novel Alison by Andrew Humphrey (a horror novel set in East Anglia) is also on Fictionwise now. 371

Obviously I have posted this for all those visitors lucky enough to receive an E reader at Christmas.

Fictionwise hold TTA press publications in a host of formats so virtually all E readers are covered and you don't lose your library if you change your E reader. 371
You haven't seen much of me on this site recently for which I'm sorry though you may be relieved.

My excuse is I've been desperately trying to catch up TTA's e book editions which have fallen behind and a year's worth were overdue at the memory bank - Fictionwise. Well I have not caught up yet but we now have 52 issues on Fictionwise and are about 6 months behind.

Also Black Statics 19 to 23 are on Smashwords along with Interzones 230 to 235. IZ 230 is still free if you want to test us out. There's also an old story of mine, Neutrino C.A.T, on the Smashwords site - also free. I uploaded that as part of my experiments to see what was involved in publishing e books. It's free and it's short and the science is obsolete but it's also on the TTA Smashwords page.

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Interzone #239 and Black Static #27 now live on Amazon Kindle. Prices vary according to local taxes like VAT. You can 'look inside' the Interzone but not the Black Static. I've no idea why that function is different but if anyone can tell me I'll make the necessary adjustments.
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