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May 8, 2006
We're in the throes of setting up a writers' group in Sheffield for science fiction, fantasy and horror. Is anyone who lives in or near Sheffield interested?

No first meeting has been scheduled yet, but anyone interested can turn up to one of the Sheffield SF Group meetings at the Old Queen's Head on Pond Hill. They meet there on the last Friday of every month. The next meeting will be 30 November, and I'll be there if anyone wants to discuss the writers' group.
ah, that's where they are now....

if its the same people, i used to go to what's now the Nelson Rock Bar when they met there roughly 10 years ago (ouch - that long??)
I think they only moved to the Old Queen's Head a year or two ago. Before that they met at the Red Lion. I've not been in Sheffield long enough to know where they were before that ;-)
well, i might have been here too long.....

sounds interesting, but i can't make the next meeting as i'm on nights this coming week. work at meadowhall, so this is wrong time of year to have a social life.
The first meeting of the as-yet-unamed Sheffield SF / Fantasy / Horror writers group will be in the Old Queen's Head on Pond Hill, next to the Interchange, on December 11 2007, 7:30 pm.

Feel free to turn up if you're interested and not too far away...
That sounds fun, I wish you the best of luck.

On a side note, does anybody know of an internet resource to find specialist SFF writers groups in the UK for those of us that don't live in or near Sheffield?
You could try joining the BSFA. They keep track of such things. Or get someone who is a member to find out for you. But I recommend joining anyway.
Ah, the eleventh. I'll be in Rotherham towards new year, and I could have dropped in and annoyed people, but it's a bit far from Geneva.
There seems to be a lot of pubs mentioned. I wonder why. ;)

Funny how meetings never take place in the Temperance Halls. :D
The inaugural meeting of the Sheffield SF & Fantasy Writers was a success. Nine people turned up. And we've booked the upstairs room of the Old Queen's Head on January 15 for our first real session.

Thanks for the recommendation I'll look into that. Glad your meeting went well.


Hi Ian, mt name is Mark Thorpe and I work for Sheffield Health and Social Care. I have a client who is wanting to do a writing group and meet people with similar interests and he likes science fiction and horror and came across this post whilst searching google. Is it possible you could please priveta message me a contack phone number for you or email address many thanks


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