Convergence Disturbance


Valar Morghulis
Sep 30, 2007
So we have Dany, sitting in Mereen... which is becoming increasingly restless (read the excerpt online)
-We've got Quentyn Martell coming across the sea to meet her and ally Dorne to her cause
-Maester Marwyn is shipping out oldtown in the hopes of getting to her before the Archmaestars hired guns get there
-Tyrion's chilling in Pentos and will def. be heading her way
-Victarion's got the Iron Fleet headed there too, and his conflicting intentions with Eurons are going to cause troubles
-and probably Arya's gonna end up with them too, maybe.

What's gonna go down and what about Euron's Dragon-Binding Horn? anyone concerned? I know we all want to think Dany's dragons are safely hers, but that Horn concerns me greatly. Euron supposedly survived the burned wastes of Valaryia. he might be a deuche but he's got a fat ace of spades right now.

I was just saying my disdain for him deuche being well a slander for like other word's liek ass or ******* or dick or something like that
A douche? Aha! French... not German. Okay then... I think Brian and the mods would prefer words like rascal, pest, nuisance, meathead or even $*&@# than dick or douche.

As to the topic, we do have a real convergence on Dany. Quentyn, Victarion, Tyrion, Loras, Marwyn, Arya, Ashara, Baby Aegon, Edric Storm, Jon Connington, Darkstar, and even Tyrek Lannister have all been put forth as candidates in joining Barristan at Dany's side.

Officially we know that the Citadel, the Martells, and the Greyjoys are reaching out to Dany. Unofficially I, we, some of us have guessed that the Lannisters, the Tyrells, Littlefinger, the Starks, hidden Targaryens, and secret Targaryen supporters are in the process of contacting Dany or will do so in the near future.

If Euron's horn controls dragons, then he is a problem to Dany. I've read enough fantasy to know that any mortal who uses magic to bind dragons, demons, or wizards as slaves will suffer horribly when the means of binding are rendered useless.
I wish this would happen but prolly not haha lol ...Dany finds out that euron has the horn to control her dragon's and somehow employs a faceless man...well that faceless man turns out to be arya who is now done with her training...arya is sent to kill euron...and arya kills euron haha
Victarion's hate for his brother will overpower his will to rule the Iron Islands. He will not use the horn. In fact, we are not even sure he has the horn since there is no specific mention of him bringing it with him. We covered this in another thread somewhere.
Well lets face it, what Dany needs is Vaerys to join her, she needs someone to help her with The Intelligence Gathering, but since we got no idea where he is, i think the safe bet is with Tyrion.
Euron ist ein Berliner? Meinst du das oder sagst du das nur so?

boaz, ur german aint all that. ein berliner is a type of bagle/bagel (?) an deuch is definitely not deutsch.
Kiwi, After twenty years, that's all I recall from my high school German class. The Berliner comment was meant to reflect John Kennedy's comment during the Cold War (the Cold War sounds like it involves the Night's Watch)... Ich bin ein Berliner. I had no idea a berliner was a type of bagel. I love bagels.

Of course deuche is not Deutsch... I was trying to get the point across to Lotm about his lackadaisical spelling and grammar. I'm trying to be a more positive and helpful poster. I know I was harsher with you... I'm sorry. I was wrong. I do appreciate the format of your posts immensely. Now I can easily concentrate on the content. English must be your third or fourth language... that's something that most Americans are unfamiliar with. I'm glad that my rude behavior did not keep you away from the forums.

Lubbock, I see you spelled Varys as Vaerys. No, I'm not coming down on you for spelling. I once proposed that Varys might be some long lost Targaryen that came back to wreak vengeance upon the Arryns, Baratheons, Lannisters, and Starks. Varys could have been changed from Vaerys. Or Varys might be the nickname of Viserys/Visaerys just like Dany is short for Daenerys... and maybe how Arry (the name Yoren gave Arya) might be the childhood name for Aerys.

Basically all that is to say Who is Varys?

If he meets up with Dany as you suggest, what will he tell her? He could tell her lots about her father, her father's bastards, Robert, Robert's bastards, Cersei, Cersei's bastards, the passages of the Red Keep, Tyrion, Littlefinger, the Maesters, and the Faith. If anyone knows about the hidden Targaryens, it's Varys. He'll know whether he himself is a Targaryen. He'll know whether Tyrion is a Targaryen or a Lannister. He'll know if Aerys has any other children. He'll know if baby Aegon is Young Griff, Quentyn, Alleras, or if he's dead. He'll know which houses will support a Targaryen return. He might possibly know if Ashara=Quaithe. He might know if Rhaegar and Lyanna were legally married, ergo he might know who Jon Snow is.
Thats the funny thing about it, everybody knows that comment of JFK, probably because he made such a fool of himself, similar to Clinton comments about Monica

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