Seagull shoplifter


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Oct 30, 2006
Clever and good taste.:)

BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | North East/N Isles | Seagull becomes crisp shoplifter

"A seagull has turned shoplifter by wandering into a shop and helping itself to crisps.

The bird walks into the RS McColl newsagents in Aberdeen when the door is open and makes off with spicy Doritos.
The seagull, nicknamed Sam, has now become so popular that locals have started paying for his crisps.
Shop assistant Sriaram Nagarajan said: "Everyone is amazed by the seagull. For some reason he only takes that one particular kind of crisps."
The bird first swooped in Aberdeen's Castlegate earlier this month and made off with the 55p crisps, and is now a regular. Once outside, the crisps are ripped open and the seagull is joined by other birds."
Birds are getting more and more clever. I'm impressed that they would know which ones to go for - do they recognize the packaging? That's a great story, Allegra.:)
Something you didn't pick up on but I liked. Regular customers are now chipping in to pay for his crisps so the shop doesn't lose out.:)
Good thinking, Ace (as always):). Not to mention the publicity the shop got - all good news for business.
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