Interzone 210


Roy G
Oct 19, 2006
Cheshire, UK
In this bumper 72 page edition Harlan writes of the time when he shared a house/apartment with Ted Sturgeon. Harlan said, I paraphrase as I didn't tape his exact words, 'the mag is so good I had to get in it'.

Also Nick Lowe's top ten films of the past 25 years.

Interzone 210 will have an editorial by Geoff Ryman on 'Mundane SF' and will follow up next year with an issue dedicated to stories that fit the category.

I will post a cover image and more detail when I have it, meanwhile subscribe. You can't miss this issue.
Re: Interzone 210, contents and cover

Cover and all fiction graphics by Douglas Sirois, who is also profiled and interviewed (with more artworks from his portfolio). Doug also writes a brief introduction to each story detailing his thought and work processes, how he approached that particular assignment.

The Final Voyage of La Riaza by Jayme Lynn Blaschke
Heartstrung by Rachel Swirsky
Tearing Down Tuesday by Stephen Francis Murphy
Dr Abernathy's Dream Theatre by David Ira Cleary
Preachers by Tim Lees
Toke by Tim Akers

Guest editorial from Geoff Ryman announcing Interzone's special Mundane SF issue and calling for story submissions.

David Langford's Ansible Link: news and gossip.

25 IZ: continuing the celebrations of Interzone's 25 years, with contributions from Bruce Sterling, Dominic Green, Ken MacLeod, Brian Stableford, Terry Pratchett, Paul McAuley, Adam Roberts, Edward Morris, Ellen Datlow, Sarah Ash, Mercurio D. Rivera (current readers' poll winner), Douglas Sirois.

25 Film: continuing the series looking at the last 25 years of other media, this time with IZ film reviewer Nick Lowe's top ten SF and fantasy films.

Interviews;This is The Modern World: novelist Steph Swainston. Also Stephen Baxter on his Time's Tapestry series.
Book reviews include John Clute's regular 'Scores' column.
A new series, Podzone, with Rev-Up Review podcaster Paul S. Jenkins on SF & F podcasts.

Mutant Popcorn: Nick Lowe's regular film review column this time: Sunshine, The Science of Sleep, TMNT, Ghost Rider, Inland Empire.

And last but not least...
Abiding With Sturgeon: Mistral in the Bijou. Major new 10,000-word tribute to Theodore Sturgeon from Harlan Ellison, revealing, funny, deeply moving and centred on the time(s) Sturgeon stayed at Ellison's house in 1966 & 67.

Overall, 8 more pages than usual, at 72 plus cover.


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Interzone 210 Due on sale 10th May

Slightly later than usual because of the bank holiday.
A new Mike Moorcock short story will appear in IZ 211 so subscribe now to be sure of your copy. See
the special offer for subscribers now on the Interzone an Intro thread.
Re: Interzone 210 - correction

"Tearing Down Tuesday" by Steven Francis Murphy

Sorry I got Steven's name spelled wrong in the first entry.
As it is Steven's first sale, first publication it will take the shine off so I'm sorry.
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