Writing for Interzone

Andy Cox

Aug 22, 2006
Hello! I'm Andy, one of the Interzone editors.

The magazine is always open to submissions of short stories, non-fiction and artwork -- we're interested in any and all ideas in fact. You can simply follow our guidelines (on the website) and take your chance but please feel free to ask any general questions here, and we'll do out best to answer.

(If you think the subject you'd like to raise requires a new thread, please go ahead and start one.)
Keep checking the website, Michael, if you're interested in writing for Interzone. The actual guidelines we have are very standard (it worries me when publishers invest so much detail in their guidelines -- but that's for another thread!), but we also open a few windows each year for emailed submissions, with the next one I think in May.

Otherwise please ask us any questions here or on the IZ website forum (www.ttapress.com/forum).

We might publish a lot of well known writers but I seriously doubt anybody publishes more newer writers than we do, so never be afraid to send us your stuff!
[FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]Interzone's 'Mundane issue' see T3A

It's at the top of the page now but the website is evolving.

It's also a call for contributions to that issue.
Hi, hope you don't mind if I ask a question?

What is your turn-a-round time on short story submissions?
Hi Roy, ta very much for the answer.

Yes, I did submit by email in the beginning of May. (It took me well over 18 months to screw up my courage to do so lol)

The thread you posted a link to answered my question. Gulp! What a lot of submissions! I suspect I will be receiving my rejection slip some time during the next month -six weeks.

Many thanks again for taking the time to answer.
Best of luck and it may yet be accepted. Too soon to say.
We all believe we write great stuff until the rejections pile up but you have to keep believing, which is easier said than done when its a 20k word short novel, or a full novel, that gets short shrift.

Any idea when the rejections will be coming out for the Mundane issue?
Hi Crone

Your question made me look into the details and submissions have to be in by 31st October 2007.

You may well get rejections before that date but any decent submissions will not be rejected before then.

Normally an e mail submission window of a month will get 300 + entries so I suspect this Mundane SF issue has been overwhelmed, though I haven't heard yet. If that issue carries 6 or 7 stories even good ones will need winnowing to a manageable number for selection so don't expect to hear for a while.

I'll ask though.
One of the mundane issue editors posted the following:

I've just been prodded to come over here and answer a few questions.

Someone asked how many submissions there are. I've got about 190 on the disk. Originally I was going through and rejecting them as I saw them, but Geoff didn't like me doing that since he preferred that we batch them all up and consult about them as a group at the end of the period. Unfortunately this means we'll pick what we want and reject the remaining. I probably won't be able to leave comments as I was doing before, because there won't be anything to say; they just won't be in the chosen list. We'll see if there's anything I can add as the emails go out. I submit stories myself and I don't like getting form letters back containing no information.

As a warning, the hit rate will be really low. A magazine has under half the word count of a book anthology, and Geoff has managed to source some stories from professional writers by invite. This has been an interesting process to watch. There was a glossy British SF magazine a few years ago which was going to take stories only by invite and not accept any slush submissions. Can't remember its name, but it didn't last long. I am not surprised.

The good news is that there's no cross-over with the submissions to Interzone, so you can always submit it there if it doesn't get here.

I hope that helps.
I am the TTA rep on a magazines panel at Novacon. 4:30 Saturday (3rd Nov) along with Peter Weston, Mark Plummer, Andy Sawyer and Geoff Ryman.
Beyond that Geoff and I have a slot at 12:30 that day when I have a few Interzone submissions statistics to reveal and Geoff has a Mundane SF ‘crusade’ (my word, not his) to discuss.
I sent a writer your way for the Mundane issue, from state-side. I didn't mention the time difference across the water--hope she got it in in time. I told her end of day on the 31st.
Don't know Meadowhawk. Jetse makes allowances for time differences for his e mail window but the Mundane team are completely separate from the IZ editors and have their own methods. If I remember I'll ask at the weekend.

Rejected stories can still be submitted to IZ or elsewhere.
Sorry Meadowhawk I did forget.

Also rejections from Mundane Issue editors are now arriving in inboxes.