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Roy G
Oct 19, 2006
Cheshire, UK
Often called IZ, Interzone is a science fiction and fantasy magazine which publishes original short (2000 to 20,000 words) science fiction and fantasy stories.

Those word limits are not hard and fast but 20K words (20% of a mid length novel these days) is an unusual acceptance. The latest issue has posted a 24k word story on the IZ website (partly because there was no space in the magazine partly to add hyperlinks to see how readers react to such web possibilities)
See it at Journey.

As a magazine it also contains illustration - usually artwork rather than photography and mostly colour, film and book reviews - often manga, TV and or radio SF interest as well - plus interviews, news and other writing with SF interest.

To sum up
IZ is Britain's leading science-fiction and fantasy magazine. Founded in 1982, it celebrates its silver anniversary now. Shortlisted for the Hugo Award (SF's equivalent of the Oscar) many years running, winning in 1995, it has kept its high reputation worldwide. Interzone appears bimonthly and contains short speculative/science fiction stories plus reviews, interviews and news. IZ is one of Britain’s leading short story showcases.

More at Interzone's publisher TTA Press
and if you are convinced then purchase here


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I should have said about the 25% offer above that it is for Chronicles members, it's for 12-issue subscriptions only and you should include 'chronicles' as your Shopper's Reference so we know to include your extra free issues.
As I've mentioned elsewhere TTA Press has its own podcast site, Transmissions From Beyond. You can listen direct or download audio file stories from all our magazines, and some other TTA publications, for free if you have an MP3 player.

This week Transmission 20 The Waters of Meribah by Tony Ballantyne has been posted. It's read by David Rees-Thomas. It was originally published in Interzone 189, May & June 2003. The stories are also on iTunes.
Pete Bullock, TTA Press’ (Interzone and Black Static’s publisher) estimable electronic editions editor, was interviewed by Jamillah Knowles for the BBC Radio 5’s 'Up all Night' programme 4/5 th January edition.
Her interviews are also podcast from links on the Up all Night Pods and Blogs website and that’s has continued into the new year. So you can hear Pete talking about TTA's podcast stories on Transmissions from Beyond via the ‘listen again’ facility or download the podcast and listen at your leisure. Podcast are usually available for at least a week but until recently Up all Night’s 'Pods and Blogs' have been available for longer. The podcast featuring Pete is entitled Fresh start to another year online, 04 Jan 09 and is dated Tue, 5 Jan 2010. Pete’s interview fills the final 5 to 10 minutes of the podcast/stream.

Download: podcast or use the streaming link on the same page.
And Pete's latest podcast has just been posted so why not try Jay Lake's Dreams of the White City as read by Heather Welliver. Originally published in Interzone 194, September and October 2004.

It's a biggie, a 75 minute, 54 mB, Transmission From Beyond and once Pete has uploaded it, slow at present, there is an extra treat for the new decade.

TTA were invited to be February's bloggers on the Incwriters website so we took up the challenge and the first attempt, a plog, is here.

The second TTA Press blog is now up at Incwriters. This time Reviews Editor Jim Steel did the hard work and I added some commercials.

Additionally we now have our first video transmission an interview with Interzone, and elsewhere, author Jay Lake on the Transmissions from Beyond website. Pete Bullock, who edits and runs Transmissions from Beyond, shows even more talent by animating the Transmissions logo.

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