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Roy G
Oct 19, 2006
Cheshire, UK

Details of IZ's 25th anniversay issue and the special offer for subscribers are on the press release page.
Over the 25 years Interzone has published 1159 original stories by 356 authors. Recent issues featured new authors along with well known names like Chris Beckett, Terry Bisson, Paul Di Filippo & Rudy Rucker. These figures are pretty reliable as they are based on Greg Egan's index of Interzone but I have assumed serials labelled as Part 1, 2 or 3 are one story and discounted collaborations and known nom de plumes.

The most featured authors of the past 25 years (stories):

  1. Stephen Baxter (35) 3 collaborations
  2. Eric Brown (33) 7 collaborations
  3. Brian Stableford (32)
  4. Paul Di Filippo (24) 1 collaboration
  5. Greg Egan (23)
  6. Keith Brooke (22) 5 collaborations
  7. Kim Newman (22) 7 collaborations
  8. Ian Watson (21) 1 collaboration
  9. Chris Beckett (19)
  10. Zoran Zivkovic (19)
  11. Barrington J. Bayley (19)
  12. Dominic Green (17)
  13. Paul J. McAuley (16)
  14. Richard Calder (15)
  15. Don Webb (15)
  16. Alexander Glass (13)
  17. Darrell Schweitzer (13) 1 collaboration
  18. Alastair Reynolds (12)
  19. Thomas M. Disch (12)
  20. Ballantyne Tony (12)
  21. Molly Brown (12)
  22. Garry Kilworth (12) 1 collaboration
So a very few authors (8) have appeared in more than 10% of issues and many of these were 'Interzone' discoveries who went on to write novels and become celebrities in the SF field. Interzoes discoveries seem to move into writing novels much faster now and are then less likely to write short fiction. Hence new writers are always welcome and a quick Google on two of the latest newcomers, Gary (GD) Leeming and Elizabeth Hopkinson shows how quickly word gets around.

Seemingly only one woman in that list and Molly just makes it at number 20.

The most featured authors with female names of the past 25 years (stories):

  1. Molly Brown (12)
  2. Gwyneth Jones (8)
  3. Cherry Wilder (7)
  4. Mary Soon Lee (7)
  5. Sylvia M. Siddall (7)
  6. Tanith Lee (7)
  7. Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff (6)
  8. Lisa Tuttle (5)
  9. Diane Mapes (5)
  10. Martha A. Hood (5)
  11. Nicola Griffith (5)
  12. Susan Beetlestone (5)
  13. Sarah Ash (5)
  14. Storm Constantine (5) 1 collaboration
Liz Williams is now an Interzone editor and so her fiction will not feature in its pages but women writers are always welcome to submit an MSS.

Obviously Interzone has been dominated by seemingly male authors to date but there is no discrimination, anyone can submit under any name they like. (within reason) There does come a time when authors want to be paid and then they have to provide the name on their bank or paypal account but this , J Smith or whatever, need not be revealing.

Interzone gets about 200 stories submitted per issue and can print 5 or 6 so competition is strong but an Interzone story looks very good on your CV when you mail out your first novel.

We'll be at Eastercon in Chester (6-9/4) and Alt Fiction in Derby (28/4) if you want to see us.
Silver IZ; oops and apologies

Sorry :confused: somehow Liz Williams, though not forgotten, was left out of the "The most featured authors with female names of the past 25 years (stories):" list
So to put matters straight she shares 2nd place with 8 stories in Interzone and the full list should have read

1 Molly Brown (12)
2 Gwyneth Jones (8)
3 Liz Williams (8)
4 Cherry Wilder (7)
5 Mary Soon Lee (7)
6 Sylvia M. Siddall (7)
7 Tanith Lee (7)
8 Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff (6)
9 Lisa Tuttle (5)
10 Diane Mapes (5)
11 Martha A. Hood (5)
12 Nicola Griffith (5)
13 Susan Beetlestone (5)
14 Sarah Ash (5)
15 Storm Constantine (5) 1 collaboration

Finally here I should have said details of IZ's 25th anniversary issue and the special offer for subscribers are now on the Interzone an Intro thread.