the 2 tv movies have been officially released to dvd!!


Sep 5, 2006
the 2 tv movies ("Pretender 2001" and "Island of the Haunted") that pick up where the 4th season ended will be available from 13 March 2007! But it can be pre-ordered, right now, here: The Pretender 2001 / The Pretender - Island of the Haunted: DVD: Michael T. Weiss,Andrea Parker,Patrick Bauchau,Jon Gries,Harve Presnell,Richard Marcus,James Denton,Paul Dillon,Diana Leblanc,John Bourgeois,Jack Langedijk,Julian Richings,C

what's cool is that the running time of the dvd is 276min and with the movies at around 80min each - that leaves over 100min of.... who knows, but i can't wait! :D
I'll have to slap that onto my list of things to get when I have money...

But I'll be getting it to complete my Pretender collection. ;)
Yep I got to get this one. I've got all the seasons and I'm looking forward to what happens next. I think I saw one of these movies, but at the time I hadn't seen enough of The Pretender in order, so I'm sure I missed something.