Unseen University Cut Out Book!

Oct 1, 2006
Wow! Saw this at my favourite book store today. I used to love doing these things as a kid (never had any luck with plastic kits) so was thrilled to see that I can now make my very own cardboard Unseen University, from the Tower of Art to Modo's gardening shed. I probably won't get it though, as I'll have nowhere to put the completed UU. Still, a fantastic idea.

Anyone planning on getting it? Anyone lucky enough to have the space to keep the thing?
Yes I would like to know more?? Where did you pick this up??
Nesacat said:
Have neither seen nor heard about it. Could you tell me a little more about it please. Sounds very fascinating indeed.

It's basically a cardboard model of the UU that you cut out from the book and glue to together. Like gluing together the net of a cube except a thousand times harder and probably a lot more fun. It's a replica of the resin UU made by the Cunning Artificer, who also made models of other buildings such as the Assassins Guild and a statue of the Librarian playing the UU organ.

PTeppic said:
Amazon.co.uk for one (where mine came from)

Have fun building it! It looks like a challenge and a half.

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