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Commander Adama and his crew are mystified by the Cylon's ability to continually find them exactly 33 minutes after jumps, and must determine how they are being tracked before the enemy destroys the fleet. After 257 jumps without sleep a mistake leads them to lose one civilian ship and the Cylons do not turn up as expected. When the ship appears 3 hours later a hard decision must be made.

There was a definite change of pace in this episode following the mini-series. It's much darker, slower and claustrophobic. I won't go as far as to say it was boring because what it did show was how alone they are, how far from home they are, how tired they have become -- and I think that was necessary. It is also setting up several plotlines to do with the 12 models of simulacrum Cylons that will obviously run throughout the series.
WOW, what a great first episode, I was mesmorized. I just love the SFX in space, apart from 2001 Space Odessey, it's the most realistic I've seen. It looks like this is going to be one hell of a series. It's about time we had something decent to fill the gaping hole left by the lack of B5, Farscape and Firefly. Lets just hope they keep it up cos it blows the rest of the competition completely out of the water. Well done Sky One for noticing the vaccum in decent Sci-Fi programming and funding this series.
I managed to get home at 2 mins to 8p.m just in time to see this - and I am so glad I did. Its good to have a series that you have to pay attention to and it really is very different from the original series - much darker and I like it.

I noticed they made reference to Boomer holding up better than the rest of them, although she did still appear fatigued - so do we think she is a 'sleeper' and doesn't know she is a cylon ???

And man, what a mean trick to play on Helio back on Capirca - he thinks he is being rescued ! Where is that plotline going I wonder?

And I have to say, the new robotic cylons - they scare me ! in the same way that Ed 209 always freaks me out (from Robocop) if they get you - you are toast!
I have absolutely no problem whatsoever that Starbuck is Female instead of male, there were plenty of female pilots in the original so why not let one have a lead role, she seems more suited anyway.

I also liked the conversations that were happening between Number 6 and Balter, at one point she mentioned them both having children and he made some remark about a toaster which amused me quite a bit.
The claustrophobicness made the whole thing feel edgy and people looked it. So all in favour so far!

I think Baltar's flashbacks with his imaginary floosey is going to get on my nerves if it keeps up. But I read somewhere that he doesn't appear to be bad enough. I think this is quite reasonable, he isn't yet. So I think there is a big piece of his jigsaw to come.

Boomer, a Cylon, I think that is something that is going to be hinted at time and again. But no, I don't think she is a Cylon, but I can see a copy of her appearing.

Think my biggest irritation at present is whenever the blonde bimbo Cylon appears all the blokes immediately go into labido mode. Beaten to a pulp, shot and bleeding, but all they want to do is bonk the blonde bird!
Great first episode, loved the tension. Baltar is definatley losing grip on reality with No.6 floating around his mind.

Is the new series Battlestar Galactica already showing on TV?
US or UK?

I thought it wasn't showing up until January 2005 (at least in the US). Er . . not counting the mini-series.
It is the new series and as I understand it, it does not start on SciFi in the US until next year.

And it is a dramatic treat!
Originally posted by RangerOne SG13 SOR
Great first episode, loved the tension. Baltar is definatley losing grip on reality with No.6 floating around his mind.


Makes for some really comical situations when he is talikng to someone when she pops up

Have to agree with you good first ep

Well, I've just borrowed the season 1 & 2 boxset from a friend and have been busy plowing through them.
I thought I'd start at the beginning though.
At first viewing it this episode was a little irritating. The 33 minute attacks seemed over the top and the 5 days without sleep subplot was overdone IMO. You could *maybe* argue that the military do push their recruits to the limits so, given their higher than norm physical condition, they would cope but be as ragged as they were by the time the episode began. This, however, would not have held true with the civilian ships which were also having to jump every 33 minutes so I thought that card was overplayed - two days, three at most would have been sufficient to produce the same results. I did like the idea that they were effectively being hounded out of their star systems and forced to begin their exile and the subplot of the Olympic Carrier and thought that was well done (although what do people think really happened to it? Was it boarded by the Cylons?).
The human 'clock' was good as well and hammered home the message that once the 40,000 or so are gone, it's game over.
The Caprica element is interesting as well, although I am a little surprised that there are *no* other survivors with Helo from the off - my memory of the pilot is hazy but when he's left behind he's with a group of other people, where the hell are they? If I were them I would have made damn sure I stuck with the only guy with access to military survival training & possibly knowledge of nearby supply depots.

Overall a catchy, dark start. :)
I thought the 33 minute thing was good, but I always disliked the 2 to 3 pointless minutes spent on Caprica.

The Cylons nuked the place it's should be a * WASTELAND *. Come on! If the blast didn't get them the fall out should have.

The Caprica element doesn't get any better either.

The writers don't seem to understand good story telling. Generally you focus on three main things at most, but the Caprica element is like the writers decided the show needed a bumper sticker sized subplot. * eye roll *
Yeah, I'm only through episode seven of the first season right now, and the Caprica storyline seems to be moving along slowly. Regarding this episode, though, I liked the argument over whether or not to destroy the Olympic Carrier; it was quite gripping, especially since everyone seemed to hold a different opinion.

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