4.04: Devoted


The Truth Is Out There
Nov 18, 2001
Clark joins the football team at school and is immediately given the starting quarterback position after the old quarterback starts a fight with new coach Jason.
Curious about the behavior change in his old teammate, Clark and Lois investigate and discover that the cheerleaders are poisoning the team's water with kryptonite, turning the players into Stepford-like boyfriends.
oh why? did you not like it?

I thought it was a good ep to show on Valentine's Day!

Okay nothing interesting or original with the story. But seeing Chloe as a cheerleader was just funny - and on the more serious side, she still has feelings for Clark.

The Lex and Clark relationship moved on quite nicely as well, "you keep me good" - awwwwwwwww Lex! And i'm glad they're going to try and be friends again.

But Lois is leaving? I hope we get to see her again. She was becoming one of my faves.

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